Robert is a seasoned designer specializing in print and digital media who works with clients in the contemporary art and culture, media and apparel fields. Born and raised in Alexandria, Egypt, a busy coastal city, it has shaped his expressive work, and personality.

He has experience working on marketing and digital design in the sports field: Robert interned as a visual designer at SportsHi, a social media platform connecting high school athletes to college scholarships, in Brooklyn. Following the internship he was part of D&AD Shift: an industry-led advertising school for emerging, self-made creatives. Clients included: Spotify, Adidas & Diageo. He attended talks and workshops at top agencies in the advertising world in NY including ThoughtMatter, Vault49, BBDO and more.

In the tapestry of his career, Robert navigates with a calm and collected demeanor, approaching each project with a curiosity that fuels his commitment to design with purpose and meaning. Now on the lookout for new opportunities, Robert invites the chance to bring his unique blend of creativity and precision to the forefront, whether in client collaborations or a full-time position.